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Oooh baby oooh

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Oct. 28th, 2013 | 10:11 pm
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music: Lou Reed "Coney Island Baby" RIP

Lou Reed has died of liver failure just a few months after his transplant. We lost a legend. RIP, ya Rock and Roll animal.


I remember when my dad gave me a list of CDs he wanted for Christmas one year when I was in the 8th grade. "Rock and Roll Animal" was the top album listed. I was so excited to go out and buy my dad something he really wanted (aside from the standard socks i got him every year prior, haha). My mother dropped me off at the mall, and I anxiously ran off to each music store looking for the title. When I finally found it, I was dismayed by the cover art. "My dad doesn't really listen to "this" kind of music, does he????"
I checked the list again, and indeed that was the correct artist and title. I brought it home, wrapped it, and definitely made his Christmas morning the next day. I asked him the same thing I thought to myself in the music store...."Are you sure you like this? I didn't think you liked Punk/Gothic music, Dad!" He just smiled real big, put the album on and said, "you will understand when your older."

I am older now and
Man, am I glad HE listened to "that" kind of music.
Man, am I glad that I now listen to "that" kind of music.
And man, oh man am I glad that Lou Reed put out "that" kind of music.
Thanks, Lou. xoxo RIP

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