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Your on top, and it feels really good.

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Jul. 3rd, 2010 | 01:57 am
location: Home
mood: calmcalm
music: The Smiths- Louder Than Bombs

Soooo...Andy. Someone ive been meaning to introduce here for a long time.

Interesting, lovable, super cute, affectionate, individualistic, well rounded, weird, eccentric, lover of all art, seeker of wisdom, older, smarter, groovier. Outspoken, silly, a pleasure, generous, father, punk rock, creative, animated, taller, sexy, dark, bright, intricate, comic book artist, writer, philosopher, music advocate, clean, smoker, divorcée, intelligent, melodic, passive, aggressive, kinky, eccentric, graphic designer, friend.

I have been seeing him since....Xmas? That is when we first kissed in the gas station parking lot. The transaction of herbal remedies and sweet kisses. Kisses that seemed to want to linger into the night, and even surpass the suns arrival. For awhile, it was just loving. Good, exquisite fun that seemed to become something more than the average "monthly friend." He would come over, usually bearing gifts--music of various mediums, always with a smile. I believe it wasn't until March? Or February? We made it offical. Damn facebook for having an option in which you can voice your relationship status to the world--with a simple spasm of the index finger. Since then, it has been nothing but kindness, intensity, butterflies, thai food, record shopping, The Smiths, giggling, cuddling, exploring, falafel, sleepovers, real orgasms, music--sooo much, kissing, etc, etc.

Lots of lists in this post. There is a lot to say about this guy. I def dig. Im happy. Very happy.


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